Day of champions 4 – Results and match videos

DoC 4

DoC 4

Taking place at The Exchange; the music and arts centre in Dublin’s historic temple bar district, Day of Champions always offer the broadest collection of fighting games and fighting gamers in Ireland and last Saturday’s 4th edition of the event was no exception.

With the addition of the new edition of the venerable Street Fighter III: Third Strike to the official roster of games at the event, the spacious, yet surprisingly warm, area of The Exchange had it’s hype readings dialled up by 25%, complimented by the returning Mortal Kombat tournament alongside the by now old community favourites of BlazBlue and Marvel Versus Capcom 3, the spectrum of games covered at Day of Champions now aligns perfectly with the games the community is demanding support for.

Alongside this was the team tournament in Super Street Fighter IV: AE, bringing an extra dimension, and a whole lot of banter to the proceedings,  leading to a well rounded, though very long day of fighting game action in Dublin. as evidenced by one sleepy fellow on a couch. Mystifying.

Here’s the grand finals of each tournament, full results are below, click the title for full playlists of that game (if availible)

Street fighter III: 3rd Strike:

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Mortal Kombat:

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Marvel Versus Capcom 3:

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Blazblue CSII:

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Super Street Fighter IV: AE:

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

Final Results – Click the title to see the full bracket:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
1st – Dreddybajs
2nd – Chunkis
3rd – Doctor DooM

Mortal Kombat
1st – Kuro Tao
2nd -  Ark Nutrient
3rd -  1man3letters

Marvel Versus Capcom 3
1st – Doyler
2nd – Dark Onion
3rd – DarkTalant

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II
1st – Voa
2nd – Chueytoo
3rd – Xinkai

Super Street Fighter IV: AE – Teams
1st – Kiki/Stevo
2nd – Gory/Hound
3rd – Doom/Doyler


And so there you have it, full results and action from the 4th day of champions. Keep an eye out on here on and our facebook page for details of day of Champions 5. See you again warrior.

  1. Think you linked the wrong BB brackets, since I’m not in it and Monkeyto was in Japan during this :P

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  2. Nice one man.

    Sorry you beat me to it, I’ve been pretty ill this week.

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  3. I like the way I am Doctor DooM when I come 3rd on my own, but Doom when I have a team meate. Where’s me doctorate gone? :D

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  4. just like kiki lost his “K.O.” because well… he didn’t.

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